Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Genius, indeed

Part of my stack of cloth diapers -- and these things are pure genius. Why didn't I ever try cloth diapering before? These are bumGenius! 3.0 diapers made by Cotton Babies (www.cottonbabies.com) and invented by my friend Jenn ... and SHE is a genius. They are every bit as easy as disposables, and so much cuter. :) They come in lots of fun colors, and if *I* who was an avowed disposable diaper girl can master them, anyone can.

The stack of clean diapers makes me happy to look at in some bizarre way. :) And they save a lot of money! We still use disposables half the time, but soon I intend to use cloth diapers the majority of the time.


  1. LOVE this post! I adore cloth diapering and only a year ago I swore I'd HATE it! ;) I wish I would've done it from the start....

  2. Oh yay!!!!! A lot of the clothes of Gemma's that I sent for Trelawney were a little bigger in the bum or extra stretchy to accommodate cloth diapers. :-)

    I put out a disposable for my sitter to put Gemma in for overnight last night, and I got Gemma up this morning and found that she was in a bumGenius AIO. She had leaked out of one during her nap, so I have NO IDEA how she didn't leak out of it overnight since she is usually a heavy wetter, but bless the sitter's heart for using cloth all of her own volition! I don't know if she thought the cloth diapers were fascinating or if she was trying to save me money. LOL