Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is there a blizzard coming or not?

The National Weather Service and the Weather Channel seem to disagree ... are we getting a blizzard or not? Snow flurries or 6-9 inches? Well, it doesn't matter -- we are now prepared thanks to a busy day. And since we were so busy, it's time for BONUS PHOTOS of our busy day. Above, Elizabeth, Noah and Hannah start cleaning out the barn to get it ready for Peso in case of a blizzard.
Lily (above) and Luna (below) had a good time exploring Peso's pen, and messing around in his feeder (er... tractor tire) while we built fence today.

Peso, whose name should really be Pesky, bit my arm HARD today, but Elizabeth petted him anyway. He's a twerp.
Keeping the puppy company in the hay bin...
Mark drives t-posts into the ground to hold up the panel fencing. Such hard work deserves...
a party! We left the kids home with babysitters Hope and Hannah, and went out to Kennedys for a Knights of Columbus steak dinner. After eating far too much good food, and enjoying the company of people we don't get to see very often, we headed home for some much-needed rest. Just in case it snows tomorrow.

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